Singles and Solos

 "Singles and Solos"

is  comprised of not only our single Act2 members,

but married folks that have a spouse who is not interested in certain activities so

they can join the singles as a "solo"


Thursday Feb. 8th at 6:30pm, the SCC Jazz Band is playing at the

Owens Auditorium.
Concert is free; no tickets required.


Music Bingo is on Tuesday   Feb. 13 th at Hickory Tavern at 5:30pm. Let Debbie know if
you’re interested.



March 9,, 2 PM , & March 10  at 3 PM

Butterflies are free, with Morgan Fairchild 

At Owens Theater  at SCC 

Tickets are $35 to $55  RSVP




Email Carol Alexander at 

or email Debbie Anderson at

to join or for other singles/solos
group activity suggestions