Satiating Stories

We would love to have new members join us.  If interested, please email   

  JoAnne Hansz


 May 24TH the ladies of Satiating Stories will gather at the Ryder Cup to discuss “The Christie Affair” by Nina  de Gramont. 

It is described as “a fascinating glimpse into history, with the sensational and unexplained disappearance of Agatha Christie” for 11 days after her husband asked for a divorce.

The author gives her interpretation of what may have happened during that time.


Please let JoAnne Hansz know by May 22nd if you plan to attend.(

On June 28th at 11:30 AM the ladies of Satiating Stories

will meet at the Ironwood to dine and discuss

“Women in Sunlight” by Frances Mayes.

Please let JoAnne know if you plan to attend by June 26th …


In July members will have the opportunity to read and report on a book that has been on their pile but could not find the time to read. Looking forward to a great sharing time!  Location will be in the July newsletter.